Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Comfort of Old Friends...

I had the chance to spend time with a couple of my friends from school over the weekend.  We're talking all the way back to 3rd grade when I met Dawn and a little later for Mary.  I have the good fortune to see Dawn on a pretty regular basis, but it has been several years since I saw Mary - it may have been our 30 year High School Reunion in fact.  That was 2008.  In fact at the BBQ on Sunday there were 4 of us who graduated High School together.  Having friends who have known me for so long is a great blessing.  You can just be yourself - they have pretty much seen you in all of your incarnations and like you anyway.

We laughed...they made jam...and we had a wonderful time.  Here's to good friends...without them life would be so much less.

Fresh From The Farm Strawberries

Bubbling Hot Blueberries Almost Ready...

Another Batch Completed

Hope it isn't another 4 years before we are all together again.

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